Services Offered

With proper documentation as outlined on this page, the services offered include:

  • Certain Suspensions/Clearances
  • Certain Revocations
  • Certain Driver License Clearances
  • D6 Clearances/Financial Responsibility Stops (proof of insurance) for: 
    • Failed to pay traffic citation
    • Failed to appear for a traffic summons
    • Started, but failed to complete court ordered school
    • Chose school election when not eligible
    • Made school election, but failed to attend
    • Child Support stop clearance
  • DUI Clearances
  • Florida Driver License Issuance or Florida ID card.
  • Learner's Permit
  • Lost/Stolen Florida DL/ID card provided their digital picture image is on the state driver license computer file.
  • Addition of a Motorcycle Endorsement to a Florida license (class E or higher).  In addition to the required Real ID Act documents, the individual must also have the following:
    • Original DL with them, or if lost, their digital picture image must be on the state driver license computer file.
    • An updated electronic record reflecting successful completion of the Motorcycle Basic Rider Course by the training sponsor.
  • Name or Address Change on a Florida driver license or ID card.
    • Social security card and identity records must match the name to be placed on a Florida driver license or ID card. Contact the Social Security Administration 24 to 48 hours before applying for a driver license or ID card.
  • Renewal/Address Change on a CDL license with no HAZMAT or School Bus endorsement.
    • An original CDL or original CDL with HAZMAT must be processed at a full-service state driver license office. 
    • HAZMAT endorsements have Federal requirements for fingerprinting, a background check, and legal presence verification (applicants must be a U.S. Immigrant or a U.S. Citizen). 
  • Renewal of a Florida driver license or ID card. 
  • Replacement License or ID Card
  • Transfer of an out-of-state driver license to Florida.
  • Transfer of an out-of-country license to Florida from any US territory, Canada or France.  You must provide their original out-of-country license in addition to the Real ID Act documents.
  • Transfer of an out of state CDL driver license to Florida with no HAZMAT.
  • Driving Records
    • You may purchase your own Florida driver record from either the Lake Mary or Casselberry Branch Offices of the Seminole County Tax Collector, or any state driver license office. 
    • Individuals may only purchase their own driver license transcript and must present a valid form of identification.
    • There is a $14.25 fee for certified/ uncertified three-year history transcripts and a $16.25 fee for certified/ uncertified seven-year or complete history transcripts when purchased at a Tax Collector's Office. ($6.25 service fee included)

  • CDL or motorcycle driver proficiency road testing (passenger vehicle driver road skill tests are offered at our Casselberry Branch ONLY)
  • Road skill test requiring 3rd party translation
  • CDL license out-of-state transfer with HAZMAT
  • Cognitive medical evaluations
  • Verbal knowledge skill tests
State of Florida Services

The State of Florida Driver License website is a great source of information for:

Questions related to the above driver license services must be directed to the State of Florida Driver License Office