Driver License Requirements

Federal and State Driver License Document 



Florida law and federal guidelines require ALL driver license applicants (all transactions – original, renewal, replacements) that are not currently REAL ID compliant, to present the following identification documents:

Primary identification document:

  • Original or officially-certified copy of U.S. birth certificate (U.S. territories or DC – hospital birth certificates will not be accepted) Birth Certificate Links - Select a State  OR
    • Current US Passport OR
    • Consular Report of Birth Abroad OR
    • Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship OR
    • Valid I-551/I-151 Permanent Resident Card OR
  • Original court order or government issued certified copy of name change documents for all name changes (marriage, divorce, adoption, legal name change, etc.) must be presented at the time of application (may require more than one).
    --------------------AND --------------------
  • Proof of Social Security number. Bring one (1) of the following original documents** as proof of your Social Security number, if issued:
    • Original Social Security card
    • IRS W-2 form
    • Pay stub showing full name and social security number
    • SSA-1099
    • **Note: The document presented must include the customer's full name and Social Security number to be accepted.
    --------------------AND --------------------
  • Proofs of residential address. Bring Two (2):
    • Deed, mortgage, monthly mortgage statement, mortgage payment booklet, or rental agreement
    • Florida voter registration card
    • Florida vehicle registration or title
    • Florida vessel registration or title (if living on a vessel/ houseboat)
    • W-2 Form or 1099 form
    • Utility bill, hookup, or work order not more than 2 months old
    • Current automobile or homeowner's insurance policy or bill
    • Mail from financial institutions, not more than 2 months old
    • Selective Service card
    • Medical or health card with address listed
    • Un-expired professional license issued by a government agency in the U.S.
    • A letter from a shelter or half-way house verifying that applicant lives at the address
    • Educational transcripts for current school year
    • Transients - sexual offender/predator/career offender: FDLE Registration form completed by local sheriff's office
    • Statements: Customers under 18 - a statement from a parent, stepparent, or legal guardian of the minor is required
    • The parent, guardian, or stepparent must reside at the same residential address as the minor. The parent, guardian, or stepparent who accompanies the minor will give a verbal statement that the minor resides at the same address and present two (2) proofs of residential address. The parent, guardian, or stepparent who cannot accompany the minor must complete a statement through a Certification of Address form with two proofs of residential address.
    • Customers 18 years or older - customers who reside with someone must provide a statement through a Certification of Address form from that person, along with two (2) proofs of residential address in that person's name.

Additional Requirements

You may need additional information for the following transactions:

  • Medical extended driving test or three crashes in three years driving test must call 407-665-7850 to make an appointment.
  • Non-US Citizens: provide valid US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) documents for all transactions.
  • Renewal of a Florida license or ID card: present their Florida license/ID card if available, and documentation as described above.
  • Issuance of an original Florida ID Card: provide documentation as described above.
  • Transfer of an out-of-state driver license to Florida: provide out-of-state driver license if available, and documentation as described above.
  • Transfer of a US citizen’s out-of-country license to Florida from any US territory, Canada, or France: provide their original out-of-country license, and documentation as described above.
  • Name change or Address Change for a Florida driver license/ID card: provide the documentation as described above.
    • Social security card and identity records must match the name to be placed on a Florida driver license or ID card. Contact the Social Security Administration 24 to 48 hours before applying for a driver license or ID card.
  • Transfer of an out of state CDL driver license to Florida: provide valid out-of-state CDL license and documentation as described above. 
    • An original CDL with HAZMAT endorsement must be processed at a full-service, State operated driver license office.  HAZMAT endorsement has Federal requirements for fingerprinting, a background check, and legal presence verification (applicants must be a valid US Immigrant or a US Citizen). 
  • Renewal/Address Change on a CDL license with no HAZMAT: with documentation as described above.
  • Lost/Stolen Florida DL/ID card: provide the documentation as described above.
  • D6 Clearances for: 
    • Failed to pay traffic citation
    • Failed to appear for a traffic summons
    • Started, but failed to complete court ordered school
    • Chose school election when not eligible
    • Made school election, but failed to attend
    • Child Support stop clearance.
  • Addition of a motorcycle endorsement to a Florida license (class E or higher), provided the person has with them the following:
    1. The identity documentation as described above.
    2. We are able to verify an updated electronic record reflecting successful completion of the Motorcycle Basic Rider Course by the 3rd party training sponsor.
Additional Information

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